Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is it relevant or redundant?

We subscribed to the StarHub services for many years, and in the recent year, it comes with the "Interactive Channel" that I did not access until only recently. It comes with 6 broad areas of information that includes "live" cameras of the various expressways, availability of car park lots in selected car parks situated in the town area.

Amongst them is the "Yahoo! News". Initially, I thought it would lead me to brief intro lines of the updated news. Instead, it picked a few pieces of news to be highlighted. A click at each piece of news shows a QR code that would lead the user to the website with the news article.

All seems to be convenient. However, on a second thought, I just wonder....
  • To read a QR Code, one needs to have an internet-connected device (e.g. Handphone)
  • Would it be far much more convenient to access the news from the website, since the news I received earlier came from HR site.

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