Monday, November 16, 2015

Collaborative Knowledge Building with Applied Learning

Sharing by Soh WP @ SST Staff Conference 2015

Video clip: AFA2015 - The Playground by class S204 (2015)
  • What is Collaborative Knowledge Building?  

    • to deepen understanding, having students to construct their own knowledge can create a deeper learning process
    • Inquiry learning or discovery leraning
    • applicable to constructing new knowledge or building on existing knowledge 

Video clip: Shortened IDEO Shopping Cart Video
  • Speaking to "experts" - who can be expert? not necessary a professional, but someone who can provide the knowledge in context. It could be classmates, friends from other cohorts or via online platform
  •  Design Thinking Approach - emphasis: Empathy
Students need to be taught how to ask the right questions to do the necessary.

Co-Constructors of Learning
  • Open-ended questions
  • Deliverables - Group Journals (continuous formative assessment; physical models 
  • ADMT: Tekong Kechil Island Project
  • Reverse role: HA vs LA students - swapped "role of command'
  • ICT to create a learning community

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