Friday, August 31, 2007

Reflection @ MLS 2007 on 30 August 2007

Some learning points from the session:
  1. The session started off with the selling of the masterplan. It was very quiet. What's amiss? Warming up! In fact, the group of participants have known each other for more than 6 weeks and should be pretty chatty and 'noisy'. Why this assumption? Because that reminded me of the energy level of participants in the ASTP! What else amiss? The connection! Hm... it's really being able to 'break' into the 'community'... the trainer's warmth? being able to connect and excite the participants to 'looking forward to...'. This requires skills... but I think I know one thing that helps... a big smile... it works! it breaks ice...
  2. Orientation to materials for the session is necessary. Notice that housekeeping was missing - what the handouts comprises of? what's the booklet for? where are the softcopies? what's the website? ... Realised that now I already have the habit of doing housekeeping at the beginning of the session. Especially the handout - what the key information are (esp the cover page, the URL of the blog as well as the contact!)
  3. Activities - It's important to have very clear instructions. Under the exploration of various tools: First, participatns were told to pair up and designate one to be member A and the other member B. They were told to attempt 2 tools each followed by sharing. Then, they were told to focus on one tool when completing the table. So, what are they suppose to do? It ended up the pairs straightaway do the 2nd part - they look at the assigned tools that they have to pen down. So, what do we exactly want the participants to do? There could be better planning to the 2 parts of the activity.
  4. Attending to participants' needs, Giving participants the due attention. It is necessary to move around to make our presence felt - not really to make sure we are 'on-the-job', but to let them know we are available to assist - especially when they are not too sure...
  5. Leverging on participants' inputs - paraphrase and use their inputs to further bring a point across. It made them feel the contributed to the workshop discussion. On the other hand, their 'answer' is also 'checked' in a way. But remember, do not use "very good" or "good" too often... I would feel belittled...
  6. It is good to inculcate and maintain good working relationships with people we meet. It's like expanding the circle of friends... Saw at least 5 familiar faces :D A little nodding and smile helps!

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