Friday, September 28, 2007

Geometry... some teaching ideas

@ Workshops organised for HODs/Maths by CPDD on 24 Sep (Secondary) & 27 Sep (Primary) 2007.

Both sessions shared something in common - Geometry, that seems to have whipped up a big wave in Maths learning here.

I feel this more strongly, especially when this year, I'm involved in the Geometry Project - the use of Intuitive Experimental Approach for Geometry learning, using GSP.

Here are some good ideas I gathered from the 2 sessions.

When doing this activity, it reminds me of "putting ourselves in the shoes of our audience"! Yes, imagine our audience here refers to our pupils. Have we been holding tight to our perceived answers too tightly. This activity was a good one.

As adults, most of the time, we think we have the right answer. Another deep-seated belief is many a time, answers to Maths questions are very straightforward - one answer most of the time and we missed out the possibilities through the eyes of young children.

Juliana's illustration was a great one!

The topic on shapes and patterns is not new to me... developed some "sentiments" over it when I first created the learning activities for baseline last year. It's fun! But look at patterns! We often are too sure of what comes next... and therefore many of us landed up in the same only correct answer! Well, this perception is changed after undergoing the above activity. Really, can you believe, Maths answers depend on one's perspective, too!

Maths Origami

This is another interesting activity - that geometry has gone un-noticed for years! (at least it never occur to my mind that such simple activities are so mathematical!). It really connects spatial visualisation to fun activities!

Some websites on origami


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