Sunday, September 23, 2007

While I experiment with Flickr

Have just signed up a Yahoo! account. Yes, till now, I've not ventured beyond the few email accounts that I have... this one "". Hope I can remember.

One good reason that prompted me to sign up this account is to explore Flickr... yes, 2 features, to be specific, apart from just uploading images online.

Things to note:

  • We are limited to 100MB of images size per month.
  • We can categorise the images by 'sets'

Experiment 1

Photos that depicts Mathematics in Everyday Life are placed within one set

Experiment 2

Look for the traffic lights! I manage to add 'notes' to specific locations within the photograph!

Experiment 3

Going to specific photographs with 'notes'



Notice that there isn't any 'codes' available for us to embed the image onto a blog.

Educational values

Flickr seems to have potential for education purpose :D

  • For instance, pupils can post up their findings (in the form of photos) and label to 'parts' accordingly.
  • Alternatively, the teacher can upload photos can point to specific areas to get pupils to comment.

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