Sunday, February 01, 2009

Article: TOTAL program prepares future teachers

Pick up this article from a colleague... that talks about how the new programme has brought about quality change - to better prepare trainee teachers when they take over the classes - understanding students better, how to go about managing learning activities, etc... basically is hands-on preparation under the guidance of experience teachers - through observation and participation.

Well, draw a comparison with what we have:

  • Contract Teachers - Have a taste of what life as a teacher is like before they join the teacher training programme
  • NIE Trainees - Are posted to schools - to observe how classes are run (or how pupils are like), and subsequently sent to schools for Practicum... under the supervision of the cooperative teachers and supervisor from NIE

So... what's new? I wonder...

But it's the effectiveness, I question... Are all who have gone through the structured programme or system turn out to be effective teachers? Do all of them really cope well when they are formally appointed as teachers, going into classes on their own?

If not... why not? Individual's readiness (and attitudes)? or the Quality of the training/supervision during the practicum?


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