Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reflection: Spreadsheet Workshop (5 & 12 Feb 2009)

The days came and gone... oh yes... it's conducting my very first TRAISI workshop this year! The mood is very very different... now, turning the situation the other way round, I'm moonlighting for ETD! It's really... 风水轮流转.

Well, the workshop attracted lots of interest from participants - which is telling, from the subscription rate! So much so that it warranted a 2nd run!!! haha! Good business! 3 Cheers to the Maths team! Hm... 3 Cheers to the enthusiastic Maths teachers out there!

Crafted the workshop last year... it took more brain juices and effort... er... relative to what I've anticipated... 'cos it's supposed to be a re-packed, with new things added... Nevertheless, it ended up as an almost different workshop as we pitch it at a more advance level... We did away with the simple "exposures", but to get participants to see the value and affordances of the features they are going to learn in the follow-up activities! The new challenges introduced in this workshop are:
  • Focus on the more complex features in spreadsheet - formula, macros (which we did not cover much in the previous version of the spreadsheet workshop as it was pitched at the introductory level)
  • Formal introduction on the use and affordances of shared spreadsheet within the LAN
  • The introduction of online collaborative spreadsheet - Google Spreadsheet - which involves a totally different kind of activity strategies and logistics preparation
  • Of course, we also brought in the "Blog" component to illustrate how to package everything readily as a lesson activity

The last 2 parts were actually drawn from the eLearning workshop, which is another monster! (Oops!)


In terms of spreadsheet skills, it's obvious that the competency among the participants were a range; nevertheless, it's obvious that all have heard about and used spreadsheet... even for those who are not too sure, they came with another more "spreadsheet-competent" colleague. This is something which is encouraging...

There were familiar faces too! Ah! If I were to infer... it's an affirmation of the good work done by the team in the past couple of years! Hey, we've got this group of "fellowers" who are confident they would find value attending our workshops - useful ideas, knowledge and skills :D Ah! We have created a pretty strong magnet! Hehee... Thanks, and credit goes to the Team!!!


Perhaps my role is different this time, more like guest appearance... and therefore, not that stressful! No, no... not because the name of the ETD is no at stake (It is, still!!!!) but it's the degree of ownership of the whole preparation + process/implementation + outcomes, I think.

Yes, need not go through that kind of pre-workshop preparation, the self-reminders, the quiet-rehearsing, etc... a more relaxed mind helps! Perhaps, also because it's of a different activity nature, therefore, conducting the workshop becomes another avenue to unwind and take a break of what I'm immersed in now...

At the end the run of workshop, I must say, I thoroughly enjoy the experience... definitely, it's very different when it's part of my formally defined jobscope. While having the opportunity to value-add to the experiences of the participants and the enthusiastic pair (Ghee Han & Audrea), it's really another platform where I hone my skills (especially when it comes to planning a wide range of ICT-enabled activities)!

Well, at the surface, it looks as if it's doing a goodwill... like a form of community service... on the other hand, I gain from this experience and engagement, too - no matter - how big or small :D

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