Friday, March 13, 2009

NUS Museum

Didn't know there's a NUS Museum till visited the University Cultural Centre for the "Discoveries in Science" exhibition.

It's a mixture of paintings, sculptures and installations! Wah! Ambitious, isnt' it? Within that small floor area... didn't create, but I think they are from the local artists!

One interesting installation is the blooming garden - Boom Blooms!

See gardener - work in progress? Yes, it's a audio installation, whereby each flower sings a different tune... and putting them together (and after they are programmed), it would "perform" like a choir/ orchestra.

The other one is just a painting with the few words scribbled there: "I like to see myself as a Prophet". Some quick analysis:

The painter is probably a believer of Islam - because of the word "Prophet". Why wanted to see himself/herself as a prophet? What's the role (or duty) of the prophet? He's the messager of god? He's one who could predict or foretell the future? Oh... someone who would give advice for the goodness of people around him/her?

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