Sunday, March 15, 2009

Values Day @ YJC

It's the 2nd time visiting YJC - for the same purpose: Values Day.

It's just very carnival-like... with stalls from games to handy crafts to snacks and even games! There's wider variety than last year's! The overall atmosphere was relaxing and the entire show is run by the students! Wah! Can we do the same for our students? I wonder.

It was just the day before when we discussed about to what degree are we comfortable enough to relax the rule or guidelines, and having trust in our students being able to get things done on their own. One good point brought up was - in our eyes, the secondary one students are the youngest amongst all in the school and we forget that they were the most senior in the primary school system and many a times, they were entrusted with much more responsibilities that we had doubt they could shoulder! What an irony!

Apart from the Principal's hospitality, what left an impression were....

(i) The personalised test-tube... it's a combination of art and science... hahaha... Science, not because test-tubes were used, but it's changes of the gel colours as a result of osmosis! Charging at $3 per tube, the profit margin is definitely high...

(ii) The hunted house is the another good one... Ok, applaud the students' effort, it's definitely more 'haunted' than the one we experience in London Dungeon 2 years ago! Not much special effect, though... but it's the complete darkness that creates the fear factor! Hahaha... laughed my way out the haunted journey... Good effort!

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