Saturday, March 05, 2011

Apple Leadership Summit 2011, March 5 - Learning with Apple (by John C)

Apple Experience 2002 - Present:
Viewing technology as an environment - not a tool
A generation that wants to express themselves through (social) media.

Phone - an obsolete technology??? Only meant for those who "born before technology"?

What's the ROLE of the Educator?
 Expectations of learners: Will the learning environment
... accommodate my mobile lifestyle?
...encourage collaboration & teamwork
...adapt to my individual learning style?

Apple's education mission
Define, create and support the best possible learning experience...
Strategic directions challenges - Innovation needed in : technology, content, pedagogy

Address the fundamental "problem" - ENVIRONMENT
(what defines the environment?)

Apple Technology steps: Mac, iPad and iPhone, iPad 

Digital Expression: Create, Share and Be Productive
iPad touch and iPhone are best when you need anywhere, anytime, learning

New Computing Platform
  • Mainframe Computing
  • Mini Computing
  • Personal Computing
People only see what they are prepared to see

Technology Adoption Cycle
iPad Gives the opportunity to Transform learning
Transformation occurs when additional content and services become available

iPad is not technology, it's content
Transforming the classroom (Fraser Speirs)
- refer to the 4 stages of "Transformation"

The internet in your hands
Immediate access to information that grows exponentially
Favourite education sites at your fingertips
Engaging brwsing and video
Based on the latest open standards
CSS3 animations
H.264 video (high definition video)

iTunes U
World's leargest repository of quality, free, education content
Nearly 800 content providers from 26 countries
Available in 90 countries

Growing library
Trade, professional and textbook titles available
- open eBook standard
- embedded video
- quickly evolving
(purchase by chapter, by concept - no longer as a whole)

It's about Learning: Education (noun)> Learn (verb)

Seymour Papert: "The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for Invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge." 

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