Saturday, March 05, 2011

Apple Leadership Summit 2011, March 5 - CBL - On Collecting Evidence of Learning (Marco Antonio Torees)

Ah! another familiar face who presented in the 2010 summit - enjoyed his keynote

Portfolios of Teachers - an evidence of the teachers' readiness for their learners

(a) Analog vs Digital
Devices change according to the needs we have... so, the solution is the computer?????
(which, e.g. not confined by time and space, we could call up the piano when we need?)
So, if it's in the computer, we need not to learn how to use the analog rules (restrictions)

Do I really want to play a cello? or Do I really want to generate the music produced by the cello
- An interesting analogy on clarity of the objective! #ilike
- "WHO" has to go through the change in order achieve the objective?

HaKeypad: Harmonic Keypad

By Brian Lockwood ~ 

Why do people published in social media platforms like Flickr?
- to share, to exchange ideas, to gather feedback!

Learners love to share, Learners love feedback [Good > Better > Best]

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