Saturday, March 05, 2011

Apple Leadership Summit 2011, March 5 - Learning Spaces (Stephanie H)

Factory model of Learning
Bsaic liteacy, Carrots and sticks, Compliance, identical widget

Industrial Revolution Needs (Stafeen Characsia)
Secret to Creativity is Curiosity (Seth Godin)

What type of learning environments sutiable for learners
Title: Campfires in Cyberspace: Learning Spaces
  • [Campfire] Formal learning Spaces: Listen and absorb knowledge
  • [Watering hole] Informal learning spaces. Discuss & create meaning
  • [Cave] Individual learning space - Reflect and create meaning (not for hiding)
  • [Mountain Top] Present and publish spaces
Learning Spaces Technologies
  • Campire: Distributive Technologies 1-to-Many
  • Watering hole: Collaborative Technologies Many-to-Many
  • Cave: Me 1-to-1
  • Mountain Top
Singapore: Renaissance City Plan (by Rebecca Chew)
The rise of a Creative Class
Creating the mindspace for People

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