Sunday, November 25, 2012

Continuing "the Path"... Chap 5: When You Face Adversity

This is one of the many good books that I read halfway and shelved... shelved not because it's no longer interesting, but because other more urgent matter took over the time...

Picked up this book (which was the first book bought in 2011) again... and I was less than halfway - only at Chapter 5. On the other hand, it's one of those books that I can afford to chew over and over again... and get connected to it :)

Here, the last couple of paragraphs set me thinking on what has been hovering in my mind in the past couple of months...

"When a situation goes contrary to plan, people seem to expend their energy on shifting the responsibility, abusing others, and blaming society." Does this sound familiar? OK, often, we can immediately associate this description with some people around us. Now, let's look at ourselves. Have we been guilty of this before? Sad to say, yes, I'm have been one of those guilty ones.

I think what the next paragraphs really reminded us not to get stuck at that 'blaming' stage, but to move on in a more constructive manner.

It says, "An entrepreneur has to have staying power. We need determination to accept the situation, devotion to revise the strategy, and efforts to build up the capacity to make the plan work. So, when goods don't sell, we would first examine why, tighten our belts, and go to work to make or develop products with qualities that consumers would be happy to buy."

Hm... think about it... this applies to almost all situations... be it in our classrooms... imagine if our students do not learn well... why? why? why? Let's look inward... though there are factors that lie on the children... but, let's look inward first!!! Next, moving on to managing organisations... same here, what do we do if we are not attracting the right people? Hm...

It's not the end. It's only the beginning. But to visit reality and face it with courage to see how to move on :)

To be continued in posts to come... looking back, the path made its first appearance in the blog in May 2011.

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