Sunday, November 25, 2012

Continuing "the Path"... Chap 7: To Further Improve Your Work

This Chapter discussed about work... actually, to be precise, it's about one's attitude towards work.
I'm sure different people hold different perspectives... and it's really how we define "work", I think.

I like how the chapter started - to highlight the value of "work" comes from the "meaning" behind it. Yes, it serves a purpose. Because it has its value, and therefore it has a reason to exist. It's just like some work no longer exist because their role has been 'automated' and there's no value to put a human being to do the job. It's no longer meaningful if the machine or device can do a even better job! E.g. We don't need a bus conductor in the bus anymore.

So, when we are employed to do the work, we take up the job because we first find (or at least we think we will find) meaning doing it (although sometimes the meaning 'behind' the job might have changed in our eyes, or due to changes of the environment).

Next, it examines our attitude towards work... if it's something we are passionate about, there's where we devote our time and effort into it... and soon, the thin fine line between work and life would start to become blur. Well, sometimes, we call these people workaholic, I guess, when they dwell too deeply into work and forget other things in life, I guess. However, sometimes workaholics may just fall for (or fall in love with) it.. because it has become a means they derive satisfaction from, there's where they felt driven... Hm... ok, these are words from a deemed workaholic :) Of course, it doesn't mean that workaholic doesn't have his/ her own life... except that, in the eyes of others, it seems like work is life to him/ her... confession from a 'workaholic' ~ "I have life... except that I spend a smaller portion to seek joy and satisfaction via other means, apart from work."

To quote, from p99, "A person who is devoted to and enthusiastic about his or her work may be able to exercise some say regarding the way it is done, but if it is forgotten that the work being done is for society, it could be reduced to a selfish action that is done only for one's personal interest and gain." This reminds us that work is not just a means to getting paid, but it's about giving back to the society, for the growth of the community. It serves a larger purpose. That's why we work... "What matters most is to pursue the work society has given us to do in a conscientious, humble and careful manner."

To "truly" complete a job, it's about giving the attention to ensure that the work is not just done, but properly done, and well done. It's about seeing it through to make sure it has "reached/ created" the desired impact/ outcome. It's about reporting one's effort put into the piece of work. 

It's the same when one is tasked to be a coordinator of the project. It's more than just "coordinating" information or passing information, putting the stuff together, and making sure everyone gets the info. An outstanding coordinator will see through the work to ensure that he/ she knows the reason or purpose behind the information gathering or dissemination, being able to articulate the rationale is important. On top of that, it's the following through to see that everyone understands the intent, not to wait for "questions" or "problems" that arise.

As described in p106, it says "Even if it might be a bit bothersome, the consumer is happy and grateful to know that the manufacturer is concerned about its products, and that it is serious and sincere in its post sale service." This would be the kind of desireable attitude to see at our work place, be it we are in the managerial/ coordinator role; or be it we are just team members.

To be continued in posts to come... looking back, the path made its first appearance in the blog in May 2011.

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