Sunday, November 25, 2012

Continuing "the Path"... Chap 8: To Further Expand Your Business

Two parts in this chapter that resonate with me:

Gratitude (p119):
"The prices may be the same, but people will naturally tend to patronise the shop that takes good care of its customers and is thoughtful and conscientious about its services or merchandise. Few customers will return to an establishment where they get little attention and where common courtesy and respect is not observed."

What's in this paragraph is commonsense, isn't it? Especially, as a consumer, service matters, and more people would rather pay more for a good service than to compromise the experience at a lower price. Today, the expectations has changed, in particular the consumers'. Let's ask ourselves, how many of us are willing to pay slightly more for better quality and service? Not difficult to find, right?

I therefore fully agree that "Service rendered with kindness, quality, and quickness, as well as a spirit of reverence - a business thus run, no matter where it is, will be successful." (p120)

Following Through (p129): 
"People order others to perform some task. They give directions, request tasks to be done. But it is meaningless if they simply send off orders, issue commands, and make request without following up on them, and the results would be minimal."

"Those who do the follow-up as well as those who are followed up on must cultivate the resolve and the courage to resist the tendency to leave any given task unresolved and unfinished."

How true! Indeed, how often we are guilty of making assumptions that things will go on smoothly in the hands of others, especially when it's not the first time that others execute the task? Yes, experience, and good work habits are often assumed when one is assigned to do the work that's no longer for the first time. 

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