Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7 Habits of a Happy Singaporean

Reference: The Straits Times (11 Sep 2013) Opinion A19
Rarely, have the opportunity to sit down to read newspapers in a weekday morning with a relaxed mind. Chanced upon this piece of article that I could resonate well... of course, without any doubt, Tommy Koh is a very good writer :)

This morning, he listed down 7 things that make him feel he is a Singaporean.

The very first point he made was, "I am a Singaporean because I was born here, grew up here, went to school here, ..."
Yes, that's me... isn't it? I'm proud to be a 'default' Singaporean - which this size of this category of Singaporeans is shrinking very quickly! We are becoming the 'rare species' on earth soon!

With the new citizens joining the community, of course, we have to see things from a larger perspective, and based on the 'dictionary' definition of the word. As highlighted in Wikipedia, "Possession of citizenship is normally associated with the right to work and live in a country and to participate in political life."

With Singapore so quickly grow into a metropolitan city, it's a melting pot - a place where multicultural, multi-religions can co-exist in peace and harmony - what we've achieved today is not to be taken for granted! If you look at other cities - we must be grateful of the current situation back at home here!

Time for us to look inward and be appreciative to what we have  :)

Well, Tommy Koh has offered great thoughts... and the article is a great start for the day :)

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