Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Storm in a Teacup

Reference: The Straits Times (11 September 2013) CATS Recruit C28

A good reminder of how we should channel our energy to our work done...  without bringing about damage to ourselves (that's what I think the advice given are intended for).

The starting paragraph says something that really worth our time to put in some thoughts:
"As a manager, you need to determine what problems exist with your people and whether they warrant your time and energy." I think the second part of the statement is something we pay little attention to we deal with problems...

Several useful questions that worth to think about:
  1. Does a problem exist?
  2. What kind of problem it is?
  3. Whose problem it is? and
  4. What actions should you take?
Well, sometimes, it seems to be a problem, but the problem may lie on ourselves because of our "pre-programmed" views - as the author pointed out. It's our expectations on others, and sometimes this expectation goes beyond the "job-related" expectations. It includes one's values, perceptions, mannerism, etc. of which some could be very personal. So, are we able to isolate these? Of course, it also depends on the 'job' that one is in... if it's a frontline job that requires the person to present him/herself, then it's a different story (but the expectations would have been reflected as part of the job requirements/ expectations)

4 pieces of good advice followed:
  1. Think, don't react
  2. Can you do anything about it?
  3. Is it worth anything about it?
  4. You can't make people what they are not

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