Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trust is a many-splendoured thing

Source: The Straits Times, 2013, Sep 28 - Opinion A39

The context of the article is about trust being one key indicator of good governance - when people place trust in the governing party for being competent, honest and benevolent.

On the other hand, it can easily and suitably be re-contextualised at the individual's or organisation's level:
  1. Trust in Competence
  2. Trust in Integrity
  3. Trust in Benevolence
It is not difficult to establish it, indeed. On the contrary, to some, it is challenging!
So, it boils down to the individual.

Competence requires 'track record' to tell/ inform/ convince others that one has it!
It's not just lip-service - of course, those who are good at this act would get buy initially; however, time tells and shows how competent one is! So, to build trust in this, I think 'track record'/ trends helps!

Integrity closely reflects one's values, I think. The thinking behind and the 'how' (in terms of action) demonstrates what one believes in, and one's values. Trust in this implies that one has demonstrated this value in a constant manner!

Benevolence comes with clarity of intent (that is supposed to be good), according to the article. It's about serving others before self. Of course, it's not about serving others blindly; but it is based on values and is about doing good to others in a rightful manner.

It takes time to 'build' trust. It's equivalent to building one's reputation (of course, in a positive manner).
We need to understand that Trust is not a given. Trust has to be earned.
To start it off, we can trust.
To those who receive 'trust, they must bear in mind that Trust must be not taken for granted.
It would be their duty to show that they can truly be trusted or to tell others that they are not trustworthy.

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