Sunday, November 30, 2014

Being IT-savvy does not imply Online Smart

The Sunday Times (30 November 2014)

Read this article in Today's "Top News 6" about people selling and buying medicine online - this transaction is possible as it's largely motivated by low cost. Low cost as consumers today learn that prices of items purchased online could be much lower than those we buy from the shops. Shop rental fee is probably one of the reasons when items in physical shops cost much more. Of course, it's also the convenience as one could sit down comfortably in front of the computer, buy and wait for the items to be delivered at the door step. Hassle free!

Well, the prices of items offered in some of the websites are definitely far more attractive! That's when the consumer needs to exercise discernment and make careful checks before checking out the items.

Chanced upon this article recently that would be useful for the online consumers: How to Spot a Fake Online Review 

On the other hand, from this article, I also learnt that it requires one to have the 'licence' to sell/ market any medical products. I think this is a very good info to remind all not to compromise the quality due to low cost.

To me, I felt, if one wants to make any online purchase, it would be best to go to the website of the actual shop/ brand to place the order; at least, the quality of product would be assured :)

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