Sunday, November 30, 2014

When limitations drive rsourcefulness

Sometimes, we think we are resourceful; nevertheless, we do not know how resourceful we are until we face the 'extreme' conditions and we needed a means to 'survive'.

I experienced this when I was in Bhutan more than 10 years ago, when I lived in a totally unfamiliar place, not just a place, but different culture, a town that was entirely differently from my neighbourhood back in Singapore - when I say 'town', it means all the provisions, transaction habits, etc. That's when I need to be very creative in order to made-do with that's available then.

My recent encounter was the recent official trip to Beijing, to present and attend a conference.

This was not my first trip to China, and I had heard much about the applications/ platforms that are inaccessible in China, of course, that includes Google. But I guess, with technology advancement, I was lucky enough to the tap on the apps in my mobile phone that still allows me to communicate (read and send) emails via the mobile. However, mobile devices still have its limitations. For instance, I would not be able to open any shared documents saved in the Drive; I would not be able to access my GoogleSite, and I'm unable to attach any file to be sent out using the Apps. My hands were tied. Oh, that includes Google-related applications like Blogger and Youtube. OK, all blocked!

I'm fortunate enough, because of my relationship with the key organiser, I managed to 'climb' over the walls to download the stuff needed. Phew! And with the IT expert around, I was able to download the huge file via a 3rd party application when Dropbox was also block! I thought only social media like Facebook and Twitter are blocked. OK, more apps to be added to the blocked list.

In order to send an attachment with an email, I had no alternative email accounts (as both work & personal email accounts are Google-based). Fortunately, there exists the iCloud account. It was the first time I use - I had to set up the account (though this could be done so easily back at home; however, I did not 'cos I wanted to save myself from  managing multiple accounts). So, the circumstances had driven the need to think hard enough to relook at what I had that could help to address the need.

Glad that I did not panic when I was at my wits-end :)

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