Sunday, November 30, 2014

Online Scams - How the report could be more informative?

The Straits Times (29 November 2014)

Saw the publicity posters pinned up at the void deck several months ago. Today, saw this article that reports the Singapore Police Force (SPF) is stepping up its effort to heighten the public's awareness. Indeed, I was hoping to find out what are the preventive measures or tips to look out for online scams. Unfortunately, the report did not carry this information :(

On the other hand, googled "Singapore Police Force" and "on scams" and the following link was surfaced:

The link brings me to the page where the SPF provided examples and tips to the public, that I thought these are very useful information. Here's what I got (screenshot)

Just a quick thought: Would it make its promotion efforts more effective if the newspaper article also carries the direct link to the information source?

Quite often, we assumed the readers were just reading updates to know what's going on; perhaps one way to value-add (and increase the usefulness of the article) is to provide links to the relevant authorised websites? Something for considertaion.

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