Sunday, August 09, 2009

The 80-20 Phenomenons

Bought this book "The 80-20 Principle, The Secret of Achieving More with Less" by Richard Koch.

Well, well... this 80-20 principle came about during the work review session... ok, that's probably one good "remedy" to address to the "no time" issue that I always face... hahaha... perhaps sometimes it's not no time, but things seems to be more energy-sapping than it should be.

Have only browsed through first few pages in chapter 1 - which started off by citing how some things outhere simply follow this simply mathematical principle 80-20, but without a logical explanation. It seems to me that this principle is derived through Induction! There are so many instances cited that follow this rule (of course, have to identify the pattern first)... Then it's generalised!
  • Pareto's discovery: Systematic adn predictable lack of balance
  • Zipf's Principle of Least Effort
Just wondering... will this principle applies to me reading this book - only reading 20% and shelving up the remaining 80%? Haha....
  • In another note, just wondering if I have at least read 20% of the books I bought before shelving them? or perhaps, for each book, I have read 20% of them? Haha...

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