Saturday, August 15, 2009

Teaching that Learning is a Lifelong Pursuit

Seldom flip through the papers so early... flip flip flip and this article caught my eyes "Teaching that Learning is a Lifelong Pursuit" by Dr Su Guaning.
(Source: The Straits Times Saturday, August 15 2009 Review & Forum A34)

Ah... Some very relevant points... that we've been dwelling with in the past couple of weeks - What we hope our 'end-products' who walk out of the school gate look like? What should they possess and bring with them?

Here, he pointed out the critical ones... {hey, a second thought, isn't it the 'model' that all institutes hope to 'create'} - ok some colleagues corrected me very quickly when I used the word 'create'. They suggested it should be 'nurture'. Well, well... it doesn't matter which is which... Really, I see the school as the black box that does whatever magic (be it success or not) to the 'raw materials/parts' that are thrown in... and sending a brand new item out at the other end of the box. In the process, the black box might even undo some of the original 'properties' of the raw materials!

The attributes he pointed out:

  1. Strong qualities of ethical reasoning, integrity and moral character.
  2. Leadership, teamwork, mutual respect and communication skills.
  3. Creativity, innovation and interdisciplinary synthesis
  4. Self discipline, disciplinary strength and life-long learning
  5. Professionalism, public service, social engagement and global citizenship

Yes... I can't agree more than this...

  • Moral values, moral character are the key to all - the thought, the intent to drive the action. It determines the direction and the implications, consequences of all.
  • Leadership must come with mutual respect... else, the leader would only be the leader and follower himself! He can't lead in the team does not exist. Mutual respect connects one to others.
  • Creativity and Innovation do not exist in silo. They are intertwined to generate more benefits. 1 + 1 > 2
  • Attitudes, attitudes & attitudes . Complacency creates "permanence". One might stand still, but the time and tide wait for no one. The earth continues to evolve...
  • Global citizenship - adaptability and ability to filter and leverage on, to build on... however, while one is deeply engaged and hold strong belief in the approach, one must not forget being rooted to values and homeland.

Another interesting thing highlighted in the article is the view of employability by the founder of Visa International, Dee Hock:

  • Hire and promote first on the basis of integrity;
  • second, motivation;
  • third, capacity;
  • fourth, understanding;
  • fifth, knowledge; and
  • last and least, experience.
  • Without integrity, motivation is dangerous;
  • without motivation, capacity is impotent;
  • without capacity, understanding is limited;
  • without understanding, knowledge is meaningless;
  • without knowledge, experience is blind.
  • Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the other qualities.

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