Friday, August 07, 2009

The Thinking Classroom (I) Reflection

Classroom Snapshots

Interestingly, when reading the paragraphs in this section, it reminded me of SC's nagging (to say it correctly, her expectation) on how to write such that the paragraph would be able to paint a picture of how the classroom is really like. Yes, and I saw this when reading the page! In simple language, yet so powerful!

The part that says the teacher asking students to use the concepts of force and energy to describe the results of their experiments - this illustrates scaffolding (a very simple way) - i.e. providing guidance to students through focusing their thoughts on particular areas, hence able to give their description within the scope of the lesson! (which sometimes we fail to do such simple scoping and ended up monsters generated from the discussion!).

The next paragraph clearly describes how students learn and acquire knowledge through application of higher order thinking skills!

  • Students use desktop computers and access databases to find relevant material (that's information gathering... and it doesn't stop here...)
  • They process the information... (how?) through the conceptual lens of environmental sustainability as they think beyond facts (so, I guess, depends on how 'powerful' the question the teacher has crafted!)
  • (next...) They compare notes with students around the world (that's where technology comes in play - equipping them with different perspectives & have better understanding of the issue around the world)
  • and design Powerpoint programs (as a medium to communicate their learning; which actually can come in different forms (e.g. sketch)) to display their research and deepening understanding of global pollution and sustainability (Here's the learning outcome that the teacher has hoped to achieve through this activity).

... to be continued...

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