Sunday, August 16, 2009

Googling Around the Globe

On Thursday (13 August 2009), we had a PD-ICT session facilitated by Irfan that focused on the features in GoogleEarth and GoogleMap.

Here's a couple of things that, on revisiting, that I created...

(a) The map where I've marked both the Holding and Permanent sites on the map. Not too difficult, except having to recall how to get the blue marker out.

View School of Science and Technology, Singapore in a larger map
(b) The map with the Bus-stops and Walking Path marked. This is being marked manually.

View SST - from Clementi MRT Station in a larger map

(c) (i) This map shows the direction by car recommended by GoogleMap after inputing the Source (MRT Station) and Destination (SST):

View Larger Map

(c) (ii) Click HERE to see the step-by-step guide by GoogleMap

(d) Inserting Imagines at the respective locations in GoogleMap.
(i) Here's one for Beijing, China

(ii) Here's one for Paris, France

(e) Presenting it in GoogleEarth - we can click at the image to enlarge the image tagged to it.
However, have not found a way to embed this 'customised' part in the blog.

(i) Here's one for Beijing, China

(f) Here's a map that's created to record the landmarks of places I visited in England this January. Once located the place, insert a placemarker and there, we can insert text (to describe the location/happening then). We can also insert image(s) - however, it's a bit cumbersome as it requires us to copy the URL of the image. In other words, the image has to be uploaded first, then right click to get the URL.

View London in a larger map

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