Friday, August 14, 2009

Farmville - Closing the Farm Responsibly...

Declared to close the farms since beginning of the week, and the targeted date of completion is end of this week. Yes! Target achieved!

Well, the farming business sustained no longer than one month... I guess, the key realisation is the addiction to the game... when one tries to struggle between work (or more meaningful business) against play, there's where a decision has to be made... of course, one might talk about time management, if one manages the resources well, there isn't much time wasted. On the other hand, it's also one's notion of whether being engaged in a meaningful activity and what's the initial purpose of being involved in such activity.

I guess, for myself is pretty clear, it's really having a taste of what it is? and certainly, the primary objective of coming on board is because of work... in chinese there's this saying, 知己知彼,百战百胜。One would only be able to tackle the 'enemy' (i.e. problem, in this case) well if we know it well! So, it's the experience that many of us are lacking (or we might have long forgotten!).

So, that's it... experienced the climax where the urge to keep checking the farm was irresistible!

Of course, some would say, ok... since you are quitting, why bother to do a 'clean-up'... can just leave the stuff there... don't attend to it...

The undergirding value is really, RESPONSIBILITY. Be it real world or virtual - I believe that we should participate as a responsible being! It's observable to us, in real world, what's meant by behaving responsibly - many a time, it's also guarded by rules (or even law)! For instance, adopting an animal is no easy business in real world - no abuse! and they have to be well taken care of! We can't just discard it.

Then how about virtual world? Well, most will agree that it's a place where we could (and some of us do!) adopt a different persona! and do things that we could not do in real world (and sometimes, unacceptable behaviour!). Simple things like creating/ registering for free virtual accounts (for various kinds of applications) and left it forever dangling there (er... not making a 2nd time visit!). Hey, this is leaving trash all over the place! Oh! These are whom I call "Cyber Litterer"!

Similarly, for this little farm activity - we are given free plots of land and had the fun of it... though those are virtual plants, there are lives! The plants do withered if not attended to. So, to be responsible, and knowing that one won't come back as regular, one way is to remove all the 'living things' there... no more animals, no more trees and no more crops!

That's why I decided to transform all the 'investments' to non-living thing assets... accept that I couldn't donate or sell the land away! hahaha....

Well, with no crops/animals/trees to harvest... I shall not visit the farm so regularly... and thus... live should be back to normal! Cheers!

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