Saturday, August 23, 2008

22 August: ETD Divisional Gathering

This year's Divisional Gathering is packed with 3 activities, the Amazing Race, the CIP activity & the Farewell of DET.

The Amazing race was pretty fun... First of all, the combination is refreshing! Hey, looking at my team, I'm the only one from the PDC branch while the rest came from different sections in TFL branch... pretty interesting... As the organising committee had assured, there's at least someone in the team that someone can associate with or talk to... Ah ha! True! Was pretty relief when saw Neo's name in the list while the rest of the names/faces were pretty 'alien' to me... Nevertheless, on the whole, thought we did well as a team :D Oh yes, the collaborative spirit was quite obvious - that while everyone were fearful of the unknown 'forfeit' for the last team... yet, the teams exchange information to help each other! Ha! This would not have been possible without technology!

At the end of the day, someone commented... Ah! The winners of the race were those who took the other route! (seems like 2 different routes and 7 teams per route)... Well, well... while competition is one thing... think the team spirit that developed just over that couple of hours was great! and certainly, I think, everyone who had participated wholeheartedly is a winner.

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