Tuesday, August 05, 2008

iCTLT2008: Keynote - Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society

5 August 2008 Keynote Address 2: Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society (by Mitchel Resnick)

  • Education is no longer information transfer from one to another... (unlike the good old days)
  • Changes/Shifts over time... Information Society >> Knowledge Society >> Creativity Society
  • Children are to be given opportunities to Deisgn > Create > Invent.
  • They are not just interacting... their voice are to be heard.
  • Briefly, there's what happens to the learning process of very young children...

2 softwares were introduced...

  • Lego WeDo (for young children)
  • Scratch (a research project at MIT)
  • One interesting illustration is when a child uses Scratch to collect real-time data... It's a game when the user suppose to click while the system captures the response time :D
  • Another one is using it as a video "How-to" tutorial.

  • Creativity is both Imagination and Systematic Thinking (They do co-exist!)
  • Think of Creativity... There are big "C" and small "c"...
  • The big "C" is usually what we tried to align our perception to others' perception/expectation....
  • What really matters to an individual is the small "c"... no matter how small, it's really what one comes up with to address to one's needs and curiosity... (meaningful experience, isn't it?)

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