Tuesday, August 05, 2008

iCTLT2008: Teachers & Innovation

5 August 2008 Concurrent Session #2: Teachers and Innovation by Stephen Breslin (Future Lab), Eric Lam (Amdon) and Adrian Tan (Nan Hua High)

It's sharing about Nan Hua High's LEAD ICT Project: Games Development for Humanities Education

Some observations on games and learning...

  • Complex and challenging
  • Systemic & multivariate
  • Part of Young People's culture
  • Communities of Practice (peer instruction)

Mori (2006)

  • A significant majoirity of teachers (72%) do not play games for leisure as compared to 81% of children play games
  • ~ 31% of teachers use games for teaching

Inquiry-based learning

  • 5Es: Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate
  • 2 levels of Inquiry - Involvement (Engage, Explore), Understanding (Explain, Extent, Evaluate)
  • Predict, Observe, Explain

Relating topics in Geography and History

  • Natural Resources; Ancient Civilisation
  • Settlement; Internal Threats
  • Population Growth; External Threats

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