Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iCTLT2008: Concurrent Session #3

6 August 2008: Concurrent Session #3

@ MR311

(a) Project ATLANTIS: Applying ICT in a Multi-Disciplinary Education Field Trip
Lyncoln, from Catholic Junior College shared how pupils participated in this Field Trip project, that commenced since 2004. Each year, pupil volunteers from various disciplines form teams to go to rural/cultivation areas in nearby countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. In the trip, pupils grouped according to their disciplines, eg. Biology, Chemistry, Humanities... and they made use of ICT tools to plan and carry out investigations. In the process, inquiry-based approach was adopted... whereby pupils were given a broad topic (eg. Animals), which they are required to zoom into specific areas for investigation.
Presentation downloadable at

(b) Intuitive-Experimental Approach: A New Pedagogy for Geometry
That's the Geometry project that I was involved in 2007.
Paper downloadable at

(c) Harnessing Features of Blogs for Maths Learning
That's my presentation!

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