Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iCTLT2008: Keynote - Mind-Shift Culture-Shift

6 August #3: Mind-Shift Culture-Shift (by Cheryl Lemke)

Some points gathered...

  • to create: The act of bringing something into existence that is genuinely new and original, whether personally (original only to the individual) or culturally (where the work adds significantly to a domain of culture as recognized by experts)
  • to innovate: to create ripples of change across your institution.

7 Windows of Opportunities... (Peter Drucker)

  • Unexpected occurrences
  • Incongruities
  • Need for efficiencies
  • Industry/market changes
  • Demographic shifts
  • Changes in perception
  • New knowledge

7 Key Design Elements to drive mind shifts and culture shifts

(1) Vision

(2) Webbed Learning 24/7

  • 3 Perspectives on Learning: Acquisition (at individual level), Participation (in group, community, network, culture), Knowledge Creation (the innovative knowledge community)
  • Democratization of Knowledge (TED, Bolinsky 2007)
  • Harvard Biovisions: Cell Animation

(3) Clusters of Innovation

  • Classroom Structures That Engage

(4) Dynamism & Churn

  • Dynamism: (from
    1. any of various theories or philosophical systems that seek to explain phenomena of nature by the action of force.
    2. great energy, force, or power; vigor: the dynamism of the new governor.
    3. Psychology. a habitual mode of reducing or eliminating tension.
  • Beware: Square pegs in round holes
  • Break down silos
  • Communities of Practice

(5) Infrastructure, Technology & Web 2.0

(6) Assessment for Growth

  • Alignment
  • Rubrics
  • Informative Assessments: Students as full partners, Low stakes, Intended to reveal gaps, Differentiated Solutions

(7) Sheet Music for Improvisation (Scaling)

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