Tuesday, August 05, 2008

iCTLT2008: Keynote - Creativity & Innovation in Teaching & Learning

5 August 2008 Keynote Address 1: Creativity & Innovation in Teaching & Learning (by Sir Ken Robinson)
Some key points:
  • The education system is undergoing some form of transformation, a revolution.. whereby the Power of Imagination plays a significant role.
  • Are we able to leverage on the affordances of ICT as a strategy to transform education?
  • All along, education is seen to be a means of employability > we become economically independent... however, in today's context, the acquired set of knowledge no longer ensures the long-term security.
  • Divergent Thinking is fundamental to creativity processes.
  • Creativity is an entitlement for everybody.
  • At one point, the audience were asked of their view on how important it is to systematically develop creativity in Education. Many indicated fairly high importance. In another question on How well does the current system allows that to take place? This time, the responses was low... in fact, if we look at the audience's response, we can tell that while one believes it is important to promote creativity in schools, however, our systematic system has not really cater to this aspect and integrate that into our system, ironically. So, why we didn't operationalise it?
  • Be mindful of our ability to perceive our insignificance! Are we imaginative? Often, we landed up thinking we aren't. This is illustrated through the comparison of the planets in the solar system... and all the way to the various systems in the galaxy!
  • I like this illustration one very much... not just a better understanding of the heavenly bodies out there... but there's also something we can draw from it and relate to our very own experiences.

  • Imagine we are the Earth... In real life, I think it's human nature to compare... very often, we said, 比上不足,比下有余 . It's like the planet earth when compared with the smaller bodies... we have the added advantage in many areas... at least the first impression we give to others (who yet find out how strong or solid we are!). Isn't this true in real life?
  • Just like the other day when we were discussing another project related to professional development for a NGO, someone reminded us that the target participants come with very high academic qualifications! (They are the academics!) Sure, none of us have a doctorate degree... so, do we have enough and solid content to deliver? Hm... for a moment, we felt like the Earth staring at the Sun!
  • Then one other colleague reminded us... hey, no doubt they are the academics, however, what we are looking at is the application at ground level, which they lack the idea of what it is like as well as the experience that we have - those are absent from their repertoire of expertise! For a while, I think, we felt like the Earth while they're equivalent to Mercury or Pluto! :D
  • So, be wary of our very own ability to perceive our insignificance!
  • So, beware! sometimes we are limited by our own perception and beliefs!
  • To add on... rule by the head, rather than by the heart... it works here, at least...
Next... the outlook of education in the changing paradigm...
  • In the past - Industrial-like: Utility, Linearity, Conformity and Standardisation were highly valued.
  • What's next - Organic-like: Vitality, Creativity, Diversity and Customisation are the ways to go.
Conditions for Growth...

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