Tuesday, August 05, 2008

iCTLT2008 (5-6 August): Exhibition & General

@ Suntec City
Official website (download presentations)

This inaugural conference is the collaboration between MOE Singapore and ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education)

  • This time, the delegate's pass is "RFID-powered"...
  • I guess the purpose is to manage the crowd to sessions that are over-subscribed... and to monitor the participation in each of the workshop session. Also, thoought that's used to monitor the distribution of the coffeetable book.
  • Somehow, found that it has not been put to real use... First of all, it's up to the participants to tap against the receiver or not... so, the data monitored is not accurate (if one of the purpose is for data collection). People just walked in unless you have someone to strictly reinforce the checking-in process! Secondly, the participants simply need to queue and collect the book. No tapping needed... what's more... at the end of the 2nd day, uncollected copies are lay-long out! What an ironic!
  • Just feel that the technology is simply not put to good use here... hm... it's a wastage!

Here are some of the Poster Presentations by Schools:

Managed to spend the last bit of the time to check out what some of the vendors offer in the exhibition...

(i) a differently dressed "Classroom Performance System" (CPS)... so thin and looks like those calculators? I couldn't even recognise! Oh yes, the ones that we know of look more like those TV remote controller! Well, here's one that's distributed to the participants for the Plenary session on the 2nd day... did not get the chance to use it... 'cos was roaming around the exhibition area then.

(ii) Atomic Learning: Learning of ICT (Technical) skills online... in the form of video clips together with 'tutorial sheets' that's said to tie to the US and UK curriculums... Well, seems useful if training of ICT skills is to be outsourced? (Trial-site Username: ICTLT08, Password: atomic)

(iii) Centralised control of LCD projectors (by AV Media): Was just toying with this idea of merging the broadcast system with the LCD projectors in the school buildings... so that one equipment can be tapped on for multiple use! Hey! It seems possible... that is, having a system to centrally control all the LCD Projectors in the campus... also to allow 'broadcast' to selected classrooms... convenient! and something we can consider for the new campus :D

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