Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reflection: HOD Workshop (Session 2)

Today, attended the 2nd session of the workshop... was not there for the 1st session. Hm... a bit lost... ah ha... have a taste of what it's like when adopting materials prepared by others...

Well, it also largely depends on one's personality... ie. Used to adopt other's materials or not... For myself, notice that I prefer to have a say on what I'm going to use... maybe, I'm not so adaptable... or maybe I have become more and more 'yim-jim'... ah! There's always room for perfection, right?

Just a couple of observations...
(i) By the time we moved into 3 o'clock... know that it's impossible to carry out what's plan... not enough time! Apart from 'spill-over' from the previous session, but also participants need the time to find the relevant resources to address the learning gap.

(ii) Select and trim... because of the time constraint, yes, to ensure there's enough time for the Integration Cycle... that's the soul of the entire workshop... and it should be the key takeaway... hm... something we did not compromise :D

(iii) Understanding of baseline ICT standards... after having gone through so many sessions and also experiences with the Partner schools and baseline support schools, learnt that it's something that's all participants must get it right first! If they don't understand what it is, all the mapping will go wrong!!!

Ah!!! Decision making!!! So much... Hm... not so much of think on your feet, but "Decide on Your Feet" :D

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